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OER (Open Education Resources) 

An open-source textbook is a textbook that is offered online by its authors or through a non-profit or commercial open-licensed publisher.  The open license allows users to read online, download, and sometimes print the book (some open-source textbooks charge a small fee for printing).  Open-source textbooks often allow content to be changed or altered to better fit a course.  Open-source textbooks can often be downloaded onto e-readers  in the e-pub format for reading on such mobile devices as the Nook, Kindle, KindleFire, as well as other mobile tablets. 
Open-source textbooks are very low cost, usually free.  Often the only cost associated with them is the cost of printing any pages the user may wish to have in hard copy.  Open-source textbooks allow for customization of material and are updated often.  Because these books are online, material can be updated as it changes rather than when a new set of books is purchased. And now read on for information regarding our efforts to assist teachers in our ESD113 region.

Information on E-Readers in School, the Nook vs. Kindle


OSPI's Digital Learning Department OER Information:  

   " . . . part of OSPI's legislative mandate to identify and develop a library of Open Educational Resources (OER) aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), OSPI conducted a review of openly licensed courseware covering Algebra 1/Integrated I and 11th grade English Language Arts in 2013 and Geometry/Integrated II and 9th/10th grade English Language Arts in 2014."  You will find this very useful and informative.
Find open-source textbooks: 
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