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*GED+ Re-engagement Alternative Vocational Individualized Training for Youth (GRAVITY)

ESD 113 Student Support Services staff members collaborate with school districts across our region to provide youth who left school without a diploma the opportunity to get reconnected with an educational program designed to help them meet their specific educational goals and prepare for the next step in their plans for life-long learning and working.

WHO - GRAVITY is for any person who: 

  • Doesn't have a high school diploma
  • Isn't enrolled in school
  • Was between 16 and 21 years old on September 1st
  • Is motivated to get back on track and prepare for the next step of education and/or employment

 WHAT - GRAVITY is a public school educational program that:

  • Helps students increase academic skills
  • Provides high school credits upon successful completion of a course of study at the 9th grade level or above
  • Prepares students to pass the General Educational Development subject matter tests & earn a GED credential
  • Guides students through career exploration & goal setting as well as developing workplace readiness skills
  • Informs students of college and career programs within a chosen pathway, and assists with entrance & financial aid applications

 WHEN- GRAVITY is ready for students at any time of the year. It is an open-entrance/open-exit program, meaning students can enroll at any time:

  • A learning plan is developed between the student and the teacher which determines what will be studied, and what materials should be used
  • Most of the individualized learning activities can be conducted during times that are best for the student 
  • GRAVITY services may be available during the summer months for students who meet the eligibility requirements 

 WHERE - GRAVITY offices are currently located in:

   Aberdeen - 1700 Cherry St., Phone (360) 209-5430         
   Chehalis - 135 Prindle St., Phone (360) 748-4441
   Olympia - 906 Columbia St. SW, Ste 103, Phone (360) 464-6851
   Shelton - 601 W Franklin St., Phone (360) 426-1200
   Lacey - 4315 6th Ave. SE, Suite B, (360) 923-4215
Students who live in outlying areas are welcome.
  • Much of the required educational activity may be conducted away from the program center. Community public facilities, work-sites, and student homes are examples of where many students perform the educational activities listed in their learning plans
  • Students may need to get a signed release form from the school district where they live (even if they are not currently enrolled in school there). The GRAVITY instructor will inform students if this requirement applies to them.
  • Students must be able to get to the closest GRAVITY center for no less than an hour per week for their plan review and learning assessment with the GRAVITY teacher

 WHY - GRAVITY provides students with a chance to get their lives back on-track: 

  • People who earn the GED credential as part of a long-term career & educational plan generally have much better life outcomes (higher average income, better health, etc.) than those who dropped out of high school and did not get a GED
  • GRAVITY teachers are experts in career exploration, career planning, and workplace readiness skill-building
  • Students learn about advanced education and training opportunities available and receive assistance from GRAVITY staff members in the application & financial aid process 
Click here for GRAVITY Release Form (required for enrollment)