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Classified Substitutes

  • Includes paraeducators, office/clerical support, campus security
  • Must hold a high school diploma or GED

Participating Districts:

   Griffin, Hood Canal, Olympia, Tumwater, Yelm
Rate of Pay
  • Griffin School District: Paraeducator $12.14 hour; Secretary $12.92 hour
  • Hood Canal School District: Paraeducator $12.20 hour; Secretary $13.67 hour; Assistant Secretary $12.20 hour
  • Olympia School District: Paraeducator $11.40 hour; Secretary $11.50 hour
  • Tumwater School District: Paraeducator $11.91 hour; Office Assistant $12.17 hour; Secretary $14.89 hour
  • Yelm Community Schools: Paraeducator $11.10 hour; Secretary $13.83 hour
Substitute Criteria Required for Substitute Placement

In order to apply and receive consideration for classified substitute placement, you must meet the following criteria and be able to provide a professional reference form.

Paraeducator Criteria:  One year of experience working/volunteering with children in a professional setting.

Clerical Criteria:  Two years of experience working/volunteering in a clerical position in a professional setting.

Substitute Placement Application Process

The main application is to be completed online and submitted electronically. There are a number of supplemental items which must be submitted separately in order for your application to be considered complete.

1. PSPC Online Application - Click here to begin or update an application.

·      Complete all My Checklist items within your online application.

·      After entering your information in the application, be sure to click on the Jobs section of My Checklist and click on Apply next to the Classified Substitute position.

2. Fingerprinting/background Check - $75.00 fee at applicant’s expense

·      You must have had your fingerprints taken and your background checked within the last two years in the state of Washington for the OSPI educational database. Click here for additional fingerprint/background check information.

3. To access and complete the Substitute Placement Instructions and Forms packet you will need to have an Adobe PDF reader and one of the following internet browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you do not have an Adobe PDF viewer you may download one at the following link:


If you experience trouble accessing the Substitute Placement Instructions and Forms packet, click here to be directed to the individual documents. NOTE: You will need to print each form individually. Use the checklist provided in the packet as a reference.


To access the Substitute Placement Instructions and Forms packet and successfully complete your paperwork follow these steps:

a.   To open and complete a document click the desired document you are interested in. Once the document enlarges double click it once more to open it. NOTE: Due to the large number of documents in the file, it may take several minutes to load.

b.  If you would like to download the document click the downward arrow located on the document.

c.   PRINT each document as it is completed. Documents will not save unless you save them to your computer.

d.  Print the checklist and use it as a reference to ensure you review and complete all of the required forms and have reviewed the handbooks.

e.   Once all items on the checklist are complete, print, sign and attach your paperwork to the checklist. This will become the cover sheet when you submit your paperwork to the PSPC Substitute Services Office.

f.   Submit the required substitute documents to the PSPC Substitute Office located at 6005 Tyee Drive SW, Tumwater, WA 98512.

g. Click here to access and complete the Substitute Placement Application Instructions & Forms.


4. Substitute Orientation

Once all processes and forms are complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online Substitute Orientation. You will then be placed on the substitute list and receive a follow-up email with your SubFinder (automated substitute dispatching system) login information.

The application process must be completed within 30 days from the date you applied to be considered for substitute placement. Applications not completed within 30 days will be placed in an inactive status and no longer considered for substitute placement.

Substitute placement is on an on-call, as needed basis as dictated by the daily needs of our member districts. Be advised, there is no guarantee of placement on any given day and no ongoing expectation of placement.

Please call the Substitute Services Office at 360-464-6857 if you have any questions.


Last Modified on November 16, 2014